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Meet the Maker Series

What inspires you?

There are a few things that inspire me. My daughter, Queen, inspires me to grow spiritually. My clients inspire me to study more because there are too many unanswered questions and more dots I am assigned to connect. Elders inspire me to pause and listen. My body inspires me to be thankful, move, rest, and to heal. My friends inspire me to remember who I am. Lastly, every earth element inspires me to look within and to this earth for answers and understanding.

Favorite medium to work in?


How long have you been creating?

All my life. I began with paper dolls, then paints, charcoals. Middle school gave way to fabric use. By the time I entered college, I utilized it all. As life Ebb & Flowed, I began making money from clothing design. Now, design is in everything I do, including branding and experience. Love guides the experience part. I make sure every person feels loved and special around me.

What are some of your biggest fails or successes?

Biggest failure:

Not believing in my purpose. Allowing others to limit my self-worth and self-belief.

Biggest Success:

Allowing myself to grow, learn, and being authentic Ayanna.

Tell us a little bit about your process:

Ask, first. Listen, next. Focus w/o distraction. This is for Developing & Creating ANYTHING. From new formulas, experiences, packaging, and even spaces.

Do you have any advice for creatives or individuals in the community?
Creating does not look one way. It also ebbs and flows because we change inside. The world changes. With that knowledge, stop replicating.


What is your go to art making music?

432 Hz

What is your favorite thing you’ve learned throughout your creative journey?

 My process is consistent. But my output changes as I change. As I grow. As I rest. As i evolve. I LOVÉ this about my creative journey. And the world can benefit from this.

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